Day Twenty-Eight of Noirvember: List o’ the Week — Top 20 Noirs on YouTube

Cornel Wilde and Helene Stanton (Dr. Drew Pinsky’s mom!) in The Big Combo.

YouTube is great for a lot of things, but I love it best for the film noir movies I can find on it. Today’s Noirvember post serves up my top 20 film noir features on YouTube. It’s a veritable treasure trove, y’all!

Drive a Crooked Road (1954)

The Big Combo (1955)

The Crooked Way (1949)

Shield for Murder (1954)

Sudden Fear (1952)

Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Don’t miss Erich Von Stroheim and Mary Beth Hughes in The Great Flamarion. (Dan Duryea’s in it, too! Score!)

The Great Flamarion (1945)

The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

City That Never Sleeps (1953)

Scarlet Street (1945)

Impact (1949)

Quicksand (1950)

Human Desire (1954)

Johnny O’Clock (1947)

The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

Pushover (1954)

Pickup on South Street features Thelma Ritter. What more do you want?

Pickup on South Street (1953)

Fourteen Hours (1951)

Detour (1945)

Plunder Road (1957)

And as a bonus, here’re three that I’ve never heard of before, but they looked interesting while I was looking for recommendations for my top 20:

Man in the Dark (1953): Edmond O’Brien and Audrey Totter

Fingerman (1955): Frank Lovejoy and Peggie Castle

Shed No Tears (1948) Wallace Ford and June Vincent

Do you have any You Tube noir recommendations? Share them with the group!

And join me tomorrow for Day 29 of Noirvember!

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 28, 2018.

9 Responses to “Day Twenty-Eight of Noirvember: List o’ the Week — Top 20 Noirs on YouTube”

  1. ‘Too Late For Tears’

  2. Oh man, some great selections !

  3. This list, right here, is proof that YouTube is God’s gift to movie bloggers.

  4. Have seen those three you mentioned – Man in the Dark , Fingerman, Shed No Tears. All worth seeing.

  5. This list will come in handy. I’ve been enjoying noir on YouTube during dialysis treatments. It makes the time fly watching The Chase, Larceny, The Tattered Dress, Wicked Woman, etc.

  6. Great stuff – Thanks! I wasn’t even aware of Fingerman or Shed No Tears, so I’ll immediately check those out. I saw Fourteen Hours this year for the first time and really enjoyed it.

  7. […] Day Twenty-Eight: Top 20 Noirs on YouTube […]

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