Noirvember 2018 in Review

It’s only September, but the wintry months are just around the corner, and you know what that means: Noirvember will be here soon! To whet your appetite for this year’s daily fare of shadowy posts, here’s the complete listing of last year’s Noirvember series. Don’t go down those dark streets alone . . .

Day One: Here We Go Again!

Day Two: Top Five in ’45

Day Three: Laura Trivia

Day Four: The Noirish Life of Gig Young

Day Five: List o’ the Week — My Favorite Noir Titles

Day Six: Quote of the Day

Day Seven: Jack Palance Gets the Confidential Treatment

Day Eight: Trivia Thursday

Day Nine: Quote of the Day

Day Ten: Laraine Day and The Locket

Day Eleven: The Tragic Life and Times of Gail Russell

Day Twelve: List o’ the Week — Top 10 Taglines

Day Thirteen: Savage Detour

Day Fourteen: Stranger Than Fiction — The Phenix City Story

Day Fifteen: Trivia Thursday

Day Sixteen: The Words of Noir

Day Seventeen: Favorite Femme Fatales (Part 1)

Day Eighteen: Reel Names

Day Nineteen: Celebrating Gene (Tierney)

Day Twenty: The Noir of HUAC

Day Twenty-One: Quote of the Day

Day Twenty-Two: Happy Thanksgiving!

Day Twenty-Three: Top Three in ’53

Day Twenty-Four: The 2018 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival — Part 4

Day Twenty-Five: Favorite Femme Fatales (Part 2)

Day Twenty-Six: Happy Birthday, Adele Jergens

Day Twenty-Seven: Unlikely Film Noir Folks — Fred Clark

Day Twenty-Eight: Top 20 Noirs on YouTube

Top Twenty-Nine: My Five Noir Dinner Guests

Top Thirty: Parting Gifs

~ by shadowsandsatin on September 7, 2019.

6 Responses to “Noirvember 2018 in Review”

  1. I can’t wait, but I can wait. Ah, November/Noirvember.

  2. Looking forward to this!

  3. Something to look forward to !

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