Day 11 of Noirvember: Cry Danger (1951)

These three.

In this film, Dick Powell stars as Rocky Mulloy (how’s that for a noirish name?) who, at the start of the action, has just being released from prison after serving five years of a life sentence for a murder/robbery that he did not commit. He’s got just one thing on his mind – securing the release of his pal, Danny Morgan, who’s still in prison, falsely accused of the same crime. Matters are complicated when, against his own better judgment, he finds himself growing closer to Danny’s wife (Rhonda Fleming).

Favorite character:

Delong (Richard Erdman) is an ex-Marine whose alibi leads to Rocky’s early release from prison. Disabled during the war (or, as he puts it, “I lost a leg somewhere”), Delong’s most prominent characteristic is his affinity for alcohol. “Occasionally I always drink too much,” he admits. Delong is also a wisecracker from way back – he’s always prepared to serve up a quick quip. There’s the time, for instance, when he tells Rocky about his date with Darlene (Jean Porter), a bubbly part-time model who turned out to be a “full-time pickpocket.” When Darlene tried to steal his money, Delong explains, he slapped her wrists. “The bartender didn’t like that. I let him have it over the head with a peanut machine. He’s resting now,” Delong says matter-of-factly. “In the emergency hospital.”

Trivia tidbit:

Jean Porter was married to director Edward Dmytryk, who was one of the Hollywood Ten – the well-known group of blacklisted writers and directors during the McCarthy era. The two married in 1948 and remained together until Dmytryk’s death in 1999.

Join me tomorrow for Day 12 of Noirvember! (This month is flying by!) (Boo.)

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 11, 2017.

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