Day 19 of Noirvember: My Top 25 Noirs

Thanks to a recent comment from fellow blogger Carol over at The Old Hollywood Garden, I was reminded of a list I wrote last year that consisted of my top 25 classic movies. It includes all types of films, from Gaslight to It’s a Wonderful Life to All About Eve — and six noirs! But I’ve never done such a list strictly for film noir. Top 10, yes. Top 25, no.

So, for today’s Noirvember entry, I decided to offer up my 25 favorite films noirs. It was harder than I expected to narrow down the list — but so much fun! Here goes . . .

Ace in the Hole

The Asphalt Jungle 

The Big Combo

The Big Heat

The Damned Don't Cry: What's a top 25 list (or any list, really) without Joan Crawford???

The Damned Don’t Cry: What’s a top 25 list (or any list, really) without Joan Crawford???

Born to Kill

Criss Cross

The Damned Don’t Cry


Double indemnity


Gun Crazy

The Killing


Leave Her to Heaven

Mildred Pierce

New York Confidential

Nora Prentiss

You just knew Out of the Past would be on here, didn't ya?

You just knew Out of the Past would be on here, didn’t ya?

Out of the Past

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Shield for Murder

Sudden Fear

Sunset Boulevard

They Live By Night

Too Late for Tears


Did I include any of your favorites? What are your top 25? Share them here!

And join me tomorrow for Day 20 of Noirvember!

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 20, 2015.

10 Responses to “Day 19 of Noirvember: My Top 25 Noirs”

  1. Great list!!!

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  2. Scarlet Street is a definite one for me!

  3. Big Combo, Born to Kill, and Out of the Past are three faves for me.
    I also love Key Largo and The Big Sleep. Also some British Noir is incredibly good, such as Turn the Key Softly. Cheers!

  4. I always find other people’s film lists fascinating. Some great films on your list ‘Laura’ is a particular favourite of mine, likewise ‘Detour’ as to films you haven’t mentioned I am a huge fan of ‘The Big Sleep’ and ‘The Maltese Falcon’. A favourite film of mine which often makes such lists is ‘The Third Man’ and I think Jean-Pierre Melville made some wonderful films which stray into Noir territory. There are one or two films on your list which I haven’t seen and will have to seek out.

    • I share your fondness for the film lists of others — it’s so interesting to see the films you have in common, the ones that you’ve never seen, and those that leave you scratching your head! I like The Third Man, too — in fact, like Citizen Kane, I appreciate it more each time I see it. Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. Hollow triumph aka The Scar, On Dangerous Ground, Conflict, In A Lonely Place, Lady From Shanghai, Touch Of Evil, I Wake Up Screaming, Where The Sidewalk Ends, My Name Is Julia Ross, Alias Nick Beal, Sound Of Fury aka Try And Get Me, Ride The Pink Horse, Crashout, Armored Car Robbery, Cornered, Kansas City Confidential, 99, River Street, Thieves’ Highway, The Breaking Point, DOA, No Man Of Her Own, Lightning Strikes Twice, Dark City, Johnny Angel, Red Light, Hangover Square. Well, I don’t know if these are my 25 favorite noirs, but I wanted to mention some other fine noirs than the ones you mentioned (of course I like a them a lot too, even though I still haven’t watched Shield For Murder) just to show what a wealth of great movies were produced in the noir era. And then I haven’t even mentioned any of Anthony Mann’s films.

  6. And I even forgot to mention The Chase and The Red House. Oh, well.


  8. Wow, I feel honoured 🙂

    I don’t think I could come up with a top 25, since I can hardly come up with a top 4 haha I’ll think about this one!

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