Day 27 of Noirvember: Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

Turner Classic Movies is offering a mini-Alfred Hitchcock marathon on Friday, November 28th. Among the films that will be aired is one that Hitchcock claimed as his favorite: Shadow of a Doubt (1943).

This film stars Joseph Cotten as Charlie Oakley, a self-described “promoter [who has] done a little bit of everything,” who pays a visit to the small town of Santa Rosa, California. During Oakley’s stay with his sister’s family, which includes his adoring niece and namesake, Charlie (Teresa Wright), it is revealed that the out-of-towner is suspected of murdering a series of wealthy widows.

Uncle Charlie was far creepier than his charming demeanor would indicate.

Uncle Charlie was far creepier than his charming demeanor would indicate.

Despite Oakley’s charming demeanor, he reveals a darker side during a mealtime diatribe on his female peers: “The cities are full of women – middle-aged, widows, husbands dead,” Oakley says. “Husbands who’ve spent their lives making fortunes. Working and working. And they die and leave their money to their wives…. And what do the wives do, these useless women? You see them at the hotels, the best hotels, every day by the thousands. Drinking the money, eating the money. Losing the money at bridge, playing all day and all night. Smelling of money. Proud of their jewelry but of nothing else. Horrible, faded, fat, greedy women.” (Gee, I wonder if he’s guilty???)

Other stuff:

Like Hitchcock, actress Teresa Wright also stated that Shadow of a Doubt was her favorite film.

Hitchcock originally wanted William Powell and Joan Fontaine for the leading roles.

Shadow of a Doubt marked Hume Cronyn’s screen debut.

Hitchcock can be seen in his patented cameo playing cards on the train to Santa Rosa.

Don’t miss Shadow of a Doubt – and join me tomorrow for Day 28 of Noirvember!

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 27, 2014.

8 Responses to “Day 27 of Noirvember: Shadow of a Doubt (1943)”

  1. I adore this film, it’s my favourite Hitchcock film.

  2. Oh yes, Joseph Cotton played such a dark character in that, it was creepy.

  3. Get this – can you believe I picked up a DVD of this film at our local library book sale, for ONLY $2?? I actually squealed out loud and LUNGED for it, that’s how exciting it was.

  4. I still don’t get why some people aren’t huge fans of Shadow of a Doubt. That monologue from Uncle Charlie is so well done. A true gem!

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