Noirvember Day 30: Parting Gifs

As Groucho Marx once said, time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. (He slays me.)

It’s hard to believe the month is over already, y’all — it seems like just yesterday I was offering up my noir recommendations for November, and now it’s time to say farewell! It’s been another great ride, though, and I can’t be more grateful for you wonderful people out there in the dark who read, skimmed, commented, liked, or just passed through. You’ve made Noirvember a joy. I’m already making plans for next year — my 10-year Noirvemberversary! Meanwhile, it’s my pleasure and privilege to leave you with some parting gifs of some of my favorite film noir images — consider it my way of saying thank you, thank you, and thank you!

I thought I’d kick things off with a little Sterling Hayden.(Crime Wave, 1953)

Mike Mazurki is not here to play with you. (Murder, My Sweet, 1944)

This guy. (Detour, 1945)

I’ll admit I’m not wild about the movie, but this scene is all that. (The Lady from Shanghai, 1947)

When I was a smoker, I really wanted one of these. Kinda still do. (Sunset Boulevard, 1950)

Turner not only serves up one of noir’s best entrances in this scene, she gives us a great exit, too. (The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1946).

Was poison really labeled “poison” back in the day? (Sudden Fear, 1952)

Such a classic Hitchcockian shot. (Shadow of a Doubt, 1943)

Love this cool cameo of screenwriter Raymond Chandler. (Double Indemnity, 1944)

Until next year, y’all. (The Big Combo, 1955) See you in the shadows . . .

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 30, 2022.

11 Responses to “Noirvember Day 30: Parting Gifs”

  1. Didn’t know about the Chandler cameo, thank you!!

  2. What a wonderful, magnificent way to close out Noirvember. What style! Thank you so much, Karen, for doing all this.

  3. Thank you , Karen. It was a joy reading your posts. Keep up the good work.

    And don’t forget, everyone. Beware of Geeks bearing Gifs. 🙂
    (I had to say that)

  4. Thanks for brightening up a dull November!

  5. I’m working my way through Chandler’s novels this year (I’ve read all but LITTLE SISTER), so the gif of his cameo in DOUBLE INDEMNITY was like hitting the trifecta on the last race on the last day of the meet!

    I really don’t know how to thank you for a month’s worth of Noir-tastic posts. Your cleverly-themed, faultlessly researched, beautifully-written blogs were a true pleasure to read, and I looked forward to them every single day.

    I have no doubt that Noirvember requires a tremendous amount of planning, research, repeated screenings, writing, and editing. I’m so grateful you’re willing to make such a time-consuming commitment because every last post is a treasure.

    Thanks to you I’m looking at Audrey Totter from a different angle, I’m hoping that “No Femme Fatale Required” series becomes a thing, I’m crushing anew on Conte, and I’ve got a to-watch list longer than Bogie’s trench coat.

    I think the Caftan Lady would be proud.

    Thanks, sister.

    • Miss Maudie, that is very nice. Apart from Karen writing a post each day (which is hard enough in itself), Caftanwoman would be proud.

      I hope she’s out there somewhere, in some other universe, with all her friends.

    • Maudie, I wish that I were as good with words as I like to think I am — but I’m not. If I were, I’d be able to think of the perfect words to express my gratitude for your support and commitment this month. As much as you looked forward to my posts, I looked forward to your comments (including those indescribably delicious similes)! All I can say is thank you. Thank you for the recommendations (I am literally watching my Fox Film Noir DVD of Laura right now, and have put the Marilyn book on my Christmas list). Thank you for your superb writing skills, which made me smile in appreciation and shake my head in amazement so many times. Thank you for making me feel like all the work was worthwhile. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for the insights.

      Thank you for all of it, sister. You are a treasure.

  6. Wow! You’ve tackled Noirvember for 10 YEARS?! Good on you, Karen. Let’s raise a glass to another successful year. Cheers!

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