Day 10 of Noirvember: The Words of Noir

He did a horrible thing.

Words, words, words. I absolutely love the words of noir.

Earlier this month, I did a post that featured real-life quotes from the performers who played our favorite noir characters. Today’s post spotlights the lines spoken by the characters themselves. Enjoy!

“I’ve done something horrible. I know it was wrong, crazy wrong. I must’ve known that. I had this stupid notion that a couple hundred dollars could cure everything. – Farley Granger in Side Street (1950)

“One thing about me, I never stick my nose into business that don’t concern me. It don’t pay.” – Harry Morgan in The Gangster (1947)

“I feel like I’m being shoved into a corner and if I don’t get out soon, it’ll be too late. Maybe it’s too late already.” – Mickey Rooney in Quicksand (1950)

“Some people can smell danger. Not me.” – Orson Welles in The Lady from Shanghai (1948)

If you can’t get it one way, you can get it another.

“Face it – if you’re smart enough, you can get just about anything you want. If you can’t get it one way, you can get it another.” – Zachary Scott in Danger Signal (1945)

“I don’t like blackmailers – nor would you, if you were in my business. They constitute a very bad industrial hazard.” – Fred Clark in Ride the Pink Horse (1947)

“She’s a stupid little tramp. I’m betting even money we’ll have to get rid of her. She’ll go unremembered by the end of the week.” – Wendell Corey in The Big Knife (1953)

“You don’t always get the chance in this life to do what you should.” – Cornel Wilde in Storm Fear (1956)

“You don’t love me. You never loved me. Nobody loves anyone.” – John Garfield in He Ran All the Way (1950)

“If you’re smart, you can be a hero. If you’re dumb, you can be dead.” – Ted de Corsia in The Enforcer (1951)

And don’t you forget it.

Join me tomorrow for Day 11 of Noirvember!


~ by shadowsandsatin on November 10, 2019.

5 Responses to “Day 10 of Noirvember: The Words of Noir”

  1. From DARK CORNER-“I detest the dawn. The grass always looks like it’s been left out all night”- Clifton Webb
    From GILDA- “If I’d been a ranch,they would have named me the Bar None”- Rita Hayworth

  2. Oh, the words of film noir. How we love them. How you chose the best.

    Let me throw this log on the fire: “In about two minutes, a bouncer is coming back in here with no sense of humor. He’s a foot bigger than you in all directions.” – Somewhere in the Night, 1946

  3. I love this one: “Some people can smell danger. Not me.” It’s self-depricating and foreshadowing all at once.

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