Day 24 of Noirvember: Human Desire (1954)

These three.

Without a doubt, Gloria Grahame is one of my favorite film noir actresses. Her sultry, sin-filled demeanor was practically made for this shadowy era of filmmaking, and in Human Desire, she doesn’t disappoint. Here, she’s Vicki Buckley, a sexy and duplicitous housewife whose feminine wiles lead to dire circumstances for both her justifiably jealous husband (Broderck Crawford) and her naïve lover (Glenn Ford). The film was directed by noir veteran Fritz Lang, who shared my affinity for Grahame, saying that she “represents today’s femme fatale. While this type changes with the period, their power over men always comes from a combination of a calculating nature and a glamorous body.”

Jeff Warren. More than meets the eye.

Favorite character:  On the surface, Glenn Ford’s Jeff Warren is an uncomplicated guy. A railroad engineer and veteran of the Korean War, he’s a pleasant, jovial fella, who wants nothing more exciting than a “big night at the movies.” He’s the kind of man you’d like to share a beer with, but he shows that he’s more than just an easygoing ex-solider when he encounters Vicki. He’s drawn to her despite learning that she’s married, and even after (or maybe even more so after) suspecting her involvement in a murder of a railroad boss. Turns out he’s not so uncomplicated after all.

Trivia tidbit: Human Desire reunited Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame after their starring turn the year before in yet another Columbia noir, The Big Heat.

Favorite quote: “All women are alike. They just got different faces so the men can tell them apart.” Jean (Peggy Maley)

Join me tomorrow for Day 25 of Noirvember!

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 24, 2017.

2 Responses to “Day 24 of Noirvember: Human Desire (1954)”

  1. Even in the Noir stuff I still find her performances very vulnerable. Maybe I see Violet or Ado Annie but sometimes I just feel she has do what she does because she has nowhere else to go. Not sure I can explain it but I saw ‘In a Lonely Place’ & ‘Crossfire’ in the past few weeks and she seems to do what she has to do to survive. After reading her bio blurb (not a book) I don’t know what to believe. Fascinating actress & role choices.

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