The 2017 TCM Film Festival: Revisiting Adventures in Paradise — Part II

What time is it?

Time for my next installment of Revisiting Adventures in Paradise: The 2017 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival!

Today’s post focuses on what has become a tradition for me – participating in the “So You Think You Know Movies” trivia contest. Hosted by Bruce Goldstein, Repertory Director of New York’s Film Forum, the contest consists of teams from two to eight members – some arrive at the Club TCM venue already formed, and others, like my team (The Errol Flynns!!), are cobbled together on the spot by helpful TCM film fest staffers.

As has become the norm in the last few years, I wasn’t exactly overflowing with knowledge when it came to the questions in the contest. In fact, truth be told, I didn’t know a single answer. Maybe y’all could do better – so I’m sharing with you the trivia questions we faced. (Incidentally, in addition to being crazy-hard, the multiple choice questions could have one, more than one, or even five correct answers.) Give it a try – and no Googling!

Everybody knows these guys. But do you know their real first names?

  1. What are the real first names of the Marx Brothers?
  2. What is Albert Brooks’s real name?
  3. Besides Giant, in what movie did Rock Hudson and James Dean appear together?
  4. Marilyn Monroe’s character in the first version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was played by the mother of who?
  5. Al Jolson’s father in The Jazz Singer also played what part?
  6. Which actor did not play Dracula: Max Schreck, Christopher Lee, John Carradine, Carlos Villarios, or Frank Langella?
  7. Universal’s first werewolf was played by who?
  8. Who was the voice of Wall-E?
  9. The singer in the “Think Pink” number in Funny Face was the creator of what popular character?

    What famous villain did he play?

  10. Who is the connection between The Third Man and Goldfinger?
  11. “Charlie” in The Detective Story later played what famous movie villain?
  12. Which film did not feature Drew Barrymore’s relatives: Grand Hotel, The Show of Shows, The Magnificent Ambersons, Rasputin and the Empress, or War of the Zombies?
  13. Who dubbed the singing voice of Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain?
  14. Who plays the “Joan” attacking Joan Crawford in Strait Jacket?

Scroll down for the answers . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

Scroll some more . . .

Almost there . . .

Here they are!

  1. Julius, Leonard, and Arthur

    Kay Thompson and the character she made famous!

  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
  4. Ruth Taylor – actor Buck Henry’s mother
  5. Charlie Chan
  6. Max Schreck
  7. Henry Hull
  8. Ben Burtt
  9. Kay Thompson wrote the popular children’s series Eloise (she was also Liza Minnelli’s godmother).
  10. Bernard Lee was in both films and Guy Hamilton was the assistant director of The Third Man and the director on Goldfinger.
  11. Joseph Wiseman was Dr. No.
  12. All five films featured a Barrymore.
  13. Betty Noyes (who also voiced Dumbo’s mother)
  14. Diane Baker

As always in the “So You Think You Know Movies” contest, this year’s event had several surprise guests in the audience, including silent film music composer Carl Davis, character actor James Karen, and Ben Burtt, a four-time Oscar winner who was the sound designer for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie series. The biggest surprise was actress Diane Baker, who has held a special place in my fangirl heart ever since I met her at TCMFF a few years ago while standing in line for the ladies restroom at the Egyptian Theater!

The Errol Flynns huddling up during the tiebreaker phase! That’s me in the hat! Standing next to DIANE BAKER.

Speaking of Diane Baker, that leads me to the highlight of the trivia contest. When all of the ballots were counted, I was shocked to hear that my team, the Errol Flynns, had tied for first place!! My fellow team members and I, along with the members of the other first-place team, were called up to the stage in Club TCM for a five-question tiebreaker. And as if it weren’t enough for me to be on stage, before a room full of classic film fans, in the very place where the first Academy Awards ceremony was held – I found myself standing RIGHT NEXT to Diane Baker! Sweet!!!

As it turned out, our team lost the tiebreaker by a single question, but I am proud to say that I gave the correct answer to one of the five questions! (The question, by the way, was in what movie did Diane Baker and Joan Crawford appear together other than Strait Jacket? Answer? The Best of Everything!)

All in all, it was another fabulous, memorable, and totally fun trivia event, and the perfect kickoff to this year’s TCM Film Festival. Stay tuned for the next installment of Revisiting Adventures in Paradise!


~ by shadowsandsatin on June 17, 2017.

6 Responses to “The 2017 TCM Film Festival: Revisiting Adventures in Paradise — Part II”

  1. Those are tough questions! I would not have been of much assistance if I were on your team.

  2. Hi, I was on your team! I’m the lady with short brown hair who came in at the last moment. When we were up on stage, Diane Baker started to blurt out one of the answers, and I assured her we already had it. See you next year!

    • Oh my gosh — if you were the last one to join our team, you’re the one who was so awesome in the contest! Tell me your name again — I’m Karen. I’m going to have to brush up on my trivia for next year. I always thought I knew my stuff — until I started participating in the TCM contest, LOL!

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