Day Seven of Noirvember: Words from the Men of Noir

“I’ve got just the place for me and you.”

There’s nothing like the language of film noir. I could sit and listen to it all day.

Today’s Noirvember post celebrates the unique, distinctive dialogue that lives in the shadowy world of the film noir — from the mouths of the men.

“I’ve got just the place for me and you. A little room upstairs that’s too small for you to fall down in. I can bounce you around off the walls – that way we won’t be wasting a lot of time while you get up off the floor.” William Bendix in The Glass Key (1942)

“The next time you must indulge your hot, Spanish passion for dramatics, put on a uniform with polished boots and stomp around your wife’s bedchamber. Do not attempt brilliant decisions.” Luther Adler in Cornered (1945)

“You musta studied to get that stupid.”

“Don’t you tell me what to do. You ask me if I wanna do it.” Howard Da Silva in They Live By Night (1948)

“Gimme ten minutes with ‘em and they’ll rat on their mother.” Steve Brodie in M (1951)

“You dumb ox. I oughta knock your brains out. You musta studied to get that stupid.” Raymond Burr in Desperate (1947)

“I don’t like blackmailers – nor would you, if you were in my business. They constitute a very bad industrial hazard.” Fred Clark in Ride the Pink Horse (1947)

“Make up your mind to be a cop – not a gangster with a badge.” Ed Begley in On Dangerous Ground (1951)

"I feel like I'm being shoved in a corner."

“I feel like I’m being shoved in a corner.”

“I feel like I’m being shoved into a corner and if I don’t get out soon, it’ll be too late. Maybe it’s too late already.” Mickey Rooney in Quicksand (1950)

“I’ll be a good cop. After tonight.” Lloyd Nolan in Lady in the Lake (1947)

“I got everything by talking fast in a world that goes for talking. And ended up with exactly nothing.” Dana Andrews in Fallen Angel (1945)

“I’ll handle your business for you – I’ll even protect your hoods for you, but I refuse to each with you. Because you’re a slob.” Robert Taylor in Party Girl (1958)

“Some people can smell danger. Not me.” Orson Welles in The Lady from Shanghai (1948)

“Don’t disappoint me and turn out to be honest.” John Hoyt in Loan Shark (1952)

Join me tomorrow for Day Eight of Noirvember!

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 7, 2016.

2 Responses to “Day Seven of Noirvember: Words from the Men of Noir”

  1. Reblogged this on hoarding hollywood and commented:
    I’ve always remembered the quote from William Bendix’s character in “The Glass Key”. Alan Ladd’s attempted escape by setting the mattress on fire is just as memorable! 😀 Great post!

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