The Great #Villains2016 Blogathon: Day 4

Silver Screenings

Raymond Burr in Pitfall

We’re having a dastardly good time here at the Great Villain Blogathon. What’s not to love about the impressive variety of films and villains?

Below are today’s posts. If you upload your post later this evening, never fear! We will include it in tomorrow’s recap, over at Shadows and Satin.



The Wonderful World of Cinema looks at desperate escapee Glenn Griffin (Humphrey Bogart) in The Desperate Hours (1957).

Fright Night_9a

Cinematic Catharsis analyzes the charismatic vampire Jerry Dandrige in Fright Night(1985).


Yes, I Know examines The Cinematic Life and Times of Professor James Moriarty.


Movies Silently explores the slightly twisted French surrealism of Onésime vs. Onésime (1912).

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Micro-Brewed Reviews re-examines George Kennedy’s performance in the manly Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974).


Film Noir Archive ponders the nature of evil in Born to Kill (1947).


Plot and Theme provides a very different view of the Xenomorph in Alien (1979).

Raymond Burr in Pitfall

Christina Wehner issues a warning about Raymond Burr’s oozing…

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