Day 24 of Noirvember: They Won’t Believe Me Trivia

They Won’t Believe Me, one of many fabulous noir features released in 1947, contains enough twists and turns to satisfy any noir fan; a would-be sympathetic protagonist who’s really a heel; and instead of a love triangle, a love QUADRANGLE.

But that’s not the story I’m telling today.

Today’s Noirvember post shares some trivial tidbits (y’all know how much I love those) about the stars of this film: Robert Young, Susan Hayward, Rita Johnson, and Jane Greer. Here goes!

⇒  Robert Young married his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth, in 1933. They had four daughters and remained married until Elizabeth’s death in 1994.

SSRobertYoung1⇒  In contrast to the characters he usually played on screen, Young suffered from depression and attempted suicide in 1991. After his recovery, he spoke openly about his problems in order to encourage others to seek help. The Robert Young Center for Community Mental Health in Rock Island, Illinois is named after Young because of his work with the passage of an Illinois property tax referendum which provides funds to community service agencies that offer treatment for residents with mental illness and substance abuse issues.

⇒  Susan Hayward became interested in acting when she appeared in an elementary school production of Cinderella in Flowerland at the age of 10. A fellow schoolmate, Ira Grossel, appeared in the play with her. Grossel would grow up to become actor Jeff Chandler.

⇒  Hayward played an alcoholic in three films: Smash-Up: The Story of A Woman (1947), My Foolish Heart (1949), and I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955). She was nominated for an Academy Award for each performance.

⇒  After actress Jean Harlow died in 1937, during production of Saratoga, MGM announced that the film would be reshot with Rita Johnson replacing Harlow. As it turned out, the studio was deluged with mail demanding that Saratoga be finished and released with Harlow as the star, and Johnson did not play the role.

⇒  Johnson’s film career – which included roles in Here Comes Mr. Jordan and The Major and the Minor – was nearly ended in 1948 after a freak accident (reportedly, a hair dryer fell on her head) that required brain surgery to remove blood clot. The doctor who initially examined her noted a number of old bruises on various parts of her body. Rumors persisted that the actress was romantically involved with a gangster who had beaten her, but detectives investigating the injuries determined that they were accidental. Johnson only appeared in four movies after the incident and died in 1965 from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 52.

⇒  At the age of 15, Jane Greer was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which temporarily paralyzed the left side of her face.

⇒  Greer was pictured modeling a WAC uniform in Life magazine on June 8, 1942. The photo caught the attention of studio head of Howard Hughes, which led to the start of her career in Hollywood.

And that’s all she wrote!

Join me tomorrow for Day 25 of Noirvember!

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