Day 17 of Noirvember: Fun with Tommy Udo

SSRichard8Did you catch Kiss of Death on TCM the other night? You know, the one where Richard Widmark rolls a wheelchair-bound Mildred Dunnock down a flight of stairs, and then cracks up laughing? (Yikes.)

For today’s Noirvember post, here’s one of my favorite lines from the film, delivered by Widmark’s character. He’s talking to Nick Bianco (Victor Mature), and believe me, he ain’t talkin’ about Tiddly Winks.

“We’re goin’ right on being pals, you and me. We’re gonna have some fun together. Lots of fun, just like we used to. You got a wife and kids, ain’t ya, pal? They’re gonna have some fun, too. I’m gonna enjoy meetin’ your family. Kids like to have fun. We’ll all have some fun together. You and me. And your wife. And your kids. From now on, lots of fun.”

— Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark)

~ by shadowsandsatin on November 17, 2015.

5 Responses to “Day 17 of Noirvember: Fun with Tommy Udo”

  1. Widmark was really sinister in that role.

  2. The Mom was played by Mildred Dunnock.

  3. Widmark’s Tommy Udo was as memorable as it gets for sheer evil. Many more terrific performances from a true professional to com, but I can’t recall one that outdid his sinister being in KISS OF DEATH. It doesn’t get any better for a noir fan if you put this on a double bill with NIGHT AND THE CITY. Ecstasy.

  4. That statement was “fun”! I kept trying to remind myself that this guy was the same one who delivered such punches against evil in “Judgment in Nuremburg”!!

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