Day 9 of Noirvember: A Word to the Wise

SSTheKilling7(NOTE: My Day 9 Noirvember post was delayed by real life – for nearly 24 hours, I was stranded at the airport in Atlanta, suffering the ignominious, rather noirish experience of having my flight delayed six times and cancelled twice. The post-that-should-have-been is below.)

“The biggest mistake I made before was shooting for peanuts. Five years have taught me one thing: any time you take a chance, you better be sure the rewards are worth the risk, ‘cause they can put you away just as fast for a ten dollar heist as they can for a million dollar job.”

— Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) in The Killing (1956)


~ by shadowsandsatin on November 10, 2015.

3 Responses to “Day 9 of Noirvember: A Word to the Wise”

  1. Sorry to hear about your flight delay.
    When I first saw the title of your post in my email in box, I thought it was going to be about Robert Wise!

  2. So much of Kubrick’s THE KILLING reminds you in many parts of Huston’s THE ASPHALT JUNGLE. Character actors Elisa Cook, Jr., Marie Windsor and Tim Carey are above and beyond their norm and compel you to view with intensity and swell with delight with each performance. Most satisfying.

    • I totally agree — both concerning a motley crew of criminals and would-be criminals coming together to execute a well-planned heist that ultimately unravels. No wonder I love them both so!

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