Quotes in Noir: The Damned Don’t Cry (1950)

"Don't talk to me about self-respect."

“Don’t talk to me about self-respect.”

Among the many noirs of which I’m most fond is The Damned Don’t Cry (1950), starring my girl Joan Crawford, David Brian, Steve Cochran, and Kent Smith. In the film, Joanie plays Lorna Hansen Forbes, a Texas oil heiress and the darling of café society. As it turns out, though, Mrs. Forbes is actually Ethel Whitehead, a small-town housewife who left her factory worker husband, moved to the big city and worked her way into the epicenter of the underworld.

Before her transformation into the elegant and high-class Mrs. Forbes, Ethel was hard-nosed, streetwise, quick-witted and tough. And she offered up one of my favorite lines from the era. So, from Ethel Whitehead to you, here’s our quote of the day:

“Don’t talk to me about self-respect. Self-respect is something you tell yourself you’ve got when you’ve got nothing else. The only thing that counts is that stuff you take to the bank – that filthy buck that everybody sneers at but slugs to get.”


~ by shadowsandsatin on November 19, 2013.

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