A 7×7 Award! Who, me?

Time for another award post! This time, I am offering my thanks to the awesome Paula Guthat, renowned TCM Party co-host and author of Paula’s Cinema Club, who bestowed on me the 7 x 7 Link Award! (Truth be told, she bestowed it on me quite a while ago, in August 2012, but I have more than a passing acquaintance with procrastination. We’re very good friends. But I digress.)

As part of the award, I have to give my responses to the areas below, and then pass on the award to seven other bloggers. Here we go!

1. Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

Back in elementary school, I started squinting my eyes when I was looking at certain things. I didn’t do it because I couldn’t see – I did it because I saw Dorothy Hamill squinting to see her figure skating scores at the Olympics, and I thought she looked fetching. When I turned 40, I had to start squinting for real. It’s not that fetching.

2. Link to one of your posts that best fit the following categories:

Isabel Jewell wasn't just Emmy Slattery.

Isabel Jewell wasn’t just Emmy Slattery.

Most beautiful piece:

I’m going to say it was my entry for this year’s Funny Lady Blogathon, a profile of the actress Isabel Jewell. I only knew about Jewell from Gone With the Wind and a handful of pre-Codes, and I was moved to learn that her life wasn’t exactly a comedy off-screen. I’m not sure how beautiful my post was, but writing it certainly gave me a new appreciation for this talented performer.

Most helpful piece:

In Darn, That’s the End, I offered up my reviews of the four classic movie-themed books I managed to read this summer as part of Raquel’s reading challenge. I’d like to think that this post led at least one person to check out a book they hadn’t read before.

Poor Mae Clarke. She certainly did get manhandled in her movies with Cagney.

Poor Mae Clarke. She certainly did get manhandled in her movies with Cagney.

Most popular piece:

Maybe it was the awesome clip from the movie (give it a look if you haven’t seen it yet!), but my post on Lady Killer was definitely my most well-received this year.

Most controversial piece:

My profile on Sterling Hayden wasn’t terribly controversial, but it did attract an interesting comment about the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Communist “witch-hunt.”

Most surprisingly successful piece:

I wrote Gone Too Soon: Steve Cochran almost two years ago, so I’m always surprised to see that people are still reading it. (And I must say that Steve definitely deserves all the attention – what a fascinating life he led!)

Most underrated piece:

I only got one comment on From Script to Celluloid, my write-up on the film Mildred Pierce and the James M. Cain novel upon which it was based, but I had lots of fun reading the book and comparing it to one of my favorite movies.

I discovered that Lilyan Tashman was all that.

I discovered that Lilyan Tashman was all that.

Most pride-worthy piece:

I’m by far most proud of my profile on Lilyan Tashman, Girl About Town. Lilyan is one of the most captivating personages I’ve ever come across!

And now it’s a great pleasure to pass this award on to seven deserving bloggers. I hope you’ll take some time to visit their sites – I know you’ll enjoy their work as much as I do!

Out of the Past

A Trip Down Memory Lane


Outspoken and Freckled


The Skeins

Screen Snapshots

Thanks for visiting and sharing my 7×7 award with me!

~ by shadowsandsatin on October 19, 2013.

6 Responses to “A 7×7 Award! Who, me?”

  1. This a really nice way of doing the award responses! I like this one because you get to rediscover people’s best work and read all the posts (I usually do) cheers to you, I don’t like to take any credit because it was inevitable, but I’m so glad I nudged you to start a blog because you have so much to share. (Please tell your Vincent price cookbook story someday teehee)

  2. Great post, congrats on getting the award. You really deserve it.

  3. Yay! Another award! Congrats — it’s well deserved.

    I was really interested to read which of your posts were most helpful, well received, etc. I think I missed one or two of these & will check ’em out.

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